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And the winner is?….


Yes, I have ended up winning the April competition that our coaches put on, it wasn’t really as competitive as it should of been, sounds cocky but it’s not, it’s just that half of the students didn’t even bother with it which is a bit of a let down for the coaches who obviuosly put the comp up with the idea to generate a lot of volume (and in turn, a lot of winnings for us and more importantly them) The rules were:

  • Play a minimum of 600 games at your designated buy-in in April
  • Post a certain number of tournament histories in our forum to be reviewed
  • Review a certain number of other students HH’s

And the prizes we’re:

  1. Prizes to the value of $200 (or the cash)
  2. Prizes to the value of $100 (or the cash)
  3. A Bluefirepoker site subscription, for the player the coaches deemed to work the hardest in the month

Only 2 of the 7 horses played the required games, although one had a busy school schedule and Ketan was slightly effected by black friday….. being from the US  🙂

Final results

As you can see, if Danny had played for 1 or 2 more days he would of wiped the floor with us (which i expected him to do from the start as he is the tits)  31% ROI? WTF??  🙂

Either way, i still had to put up decent numbers to win so i’m real happy to of done it

Apart from a little wobble near the end of the month where i once again over stretched myself trying to force the volume and was playing my C game a LOT, i was happy with my play and with the work put in off the table, i got a kick up the ass and was told to plug some obvious leaks, and what do you know? instant winning days

Graph for April

Not sure whats happening with regards to where i’ll be in May, i’m hoping my new attitude will result in me finally proving to the coaches i’m ready to solely play the $16’s, like my mate and runner up VAIO-fer has (good luck with it bro)

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  1. push0rdie
    May 2, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    You deserve this for sure, it was a tight race in the end but i believe you deserved this the most. Not only because of this month in general, but also because of your past with run bad where you are playing fine but still keep to brick and brick. Bob told me he reviewed 50 hhs of you once so we know your true ROI is way higher. Sometimes the math will screw you, but in the end its going to even out regardless =)

    Keep up the good spirit and focus about consistency and you will be JIMMY_THE_MONSTER. Just wait, and im not lying:)

    So overall you deserved this the most, no doubt!

  2. May 2, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    Thanks bro, means a lot that you guys believe in me, and hopefully in the coming months i can make you a shit load of cash to repay that 🙂

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