And the winner is?….

May 1, 2011 2 comments


Yes, I have ended up winning the April competition that our coaches put on, it wasn’t really as competitive as it should of been, sounds cocky but it’s not, it’s just that half of the students didn’t even bother with it which is a bit of a let down for the coaches who obviuosly put the comp up with the idea to generate a lot of volume (and in turn, a lot of winnings for us and more importantly them) The rules were:

  • Play a minimum of 600 games at your designated buy-in in April
  • Post a certain number of tournament histories in our forum to be reviewed
  • Review a certain number of other students HH’s

And the prizes we’re:

  1. Prizes to the value of $200 (or the cash)
  2. Prizes to the value of $100 (or the cash)
  3. A Bluefirepoker site subscription, for the player the coaches deemed to work the hardest in the month

Only 2 of the 7 horses played the required games, although one had a busy school schedule and Ketan was slightly effected by black friday….. being from the US  🙂

Final results

As you can see, if Danny had played for 1 or 2 more days he would of wiped the floor with us (which i expected him to do from the start as he is the tits)  31% ROI? WTF??  🙂

Either way, i still had to put up decent numbers to win so i’m real happy to of done it

Apart from a little wobble near the end of the month where i once again over stretched myself trying to force the volume and was playing my C game a LOT, i was happy with my play and with the work put in off the table, i got a kick up the ass and was told to plug some obvious leaks, and what do you know? instant winning days

Graph for April

Not sure whats happening with regards to where i’ll be in May, i’m hoping my new attitude will result in me finally proving to the coaches i’m ready to solely play the $16’s, like my mate and runner up VAIO-fer has (good luck with it bro)

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come out swinging…

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Been a while since an update, didn’t want to be a ‘sing when you’re winning’ type blogger, but it seems i have 🙂

Since my great start to the month, the last 2 weeks have been a tad swingy to say the least, i had one of my best winning days at the $6.50’s followed by giving it all back the next day

Since last update…

I’ts strange, i play some games perfectly, and then i’ll play again and be a real mess, dominating bubbles one minute and then being the bubble pussy the next, playing tired in the evenings is really getting to me and the hot weather isn’t helping with that either…man i’m so old 😀

I’m slightly frustrated as i needed to string together 1ooo games at an ROI of 10% or more to prove to the coaches i’m ready for the $16’s, which i was doing easily running around14-18% over 650 games or so, but then one nightmare weekend ruins it and i’m barely hanging on to 10%, i hope to still be moving up soon as i feel i’m very +EV in those games but we’ll see what happens at the end of the month

The April contest is between just me and VAIO-fer as no one else has bothered to turn up, Danny (1perdanny1) has killed it this month with an ROI of 25% at the $16’s and was cruising to victory but he won’t make the 600 game minimum requirement, quit your day job man and CRUSH for a living 🙂

There is currently ONE buy in between me and Ferdian (VAIO-fer) it’s unreal, he is so consistent and a guy i get a lot from discussing all things poker related, and he will be a big name in the 18 man turbo’s this year no doubt and i’d be more than happy to take 2nd spot behind him (not given up yet though mate)

Will update again with a monthly round up  at the end of the week, and will set some goals for May


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Still riding the heater!

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I said at the end of my March update that i would ‘smash the back doors in’ of April, well they are currently being demolished!

All my recent hard work seems to be really paying off and i’m really pleased, giving a reminder to my coaches/backers that i can actually win 🙂  I’ve played 3411 $6.50 turbo 18 mans and had 2 1300 game break even stretches in that time  which is so sick, I’ve finally managed to hit the $1000 profit mark in them which is nice too, and with my much improved game and mindset i’m hoping i’d of done enough to have a steady crack at the $16’s once this prop/competition is finished

I’m stretching my lead everyday it seems as no one else is really putting in much volume, but i’m sure once they do they’ll be right on my heels

April so far




















Well the weather here is so freakin hot at the minute its unreal, my skin is a lovely shade of pink 🙂 I can’t remember the last time i went to the beach in early April but thats what we did on saturday, Ava had a whale of a time throwing sand everywhere and running over other peoples sand castles…. 😀

It’s times like this that i’m glad i work mostly outside

Any way, good luck at the tables


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Hello Mr run good, It’s been a long time!

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment


Finally i feel my hard work is being rewarded with some long overdue run good, as this pic demonstrates 🙂


I’m keeping up with my reviewing after every set of 16 and it seems to be showing, also i chat and rail a lot with a friend and fellow horse Ferdian on skype plus we’re both putting tournament histories up in our private forum where we review each others games which i hope will be a long term thing, we’re both pretty much at the same level i think and the competetion between us is driving us both on to get better

The stable is absolutely buzzing at the minute, there’s reviews, videos and banter all going on at the private forum all the time and it’s only a matter of time til we all join Danny and crush the $16’s 🙂

April prop update:

After a swingy 1st 2 days i’ve gone on a mini heater, i’m currently ahead in the prop by an fair bit but obviously there is a loooooong way to go and i know my heater will end at some point

Here are the all important numbers….





















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Swingy start…

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Well the April contest for us horses has begun and i’ve put in a fair amount of volume in 2 days (128)

And so far i’m playing well but have made exactly 0.40cents 😀  I played 96 yesterday which is a lot for me and managed to lose $30 siiiigh, but i’ve gotten into the habit of reviewing my games after every set of 16 which i hope will keep my game on point for the whole month and in turn should result in a tidy profit (god knows i could do with it)

I’m going to make an effort with reviewing other students games this month too, should help the other guys and also keep my mind fresh

Here’s the stats of the month so far…




















The good news is that none of the other guys have gone on a heater so we’re all still at the same point, until tomorrow when i crush the Sunday fishes 🙂

I’ll be updating every few days throughout the month so cross your fingers for me


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March, now that was a test

March 31, 2011 2 comments

Well March was an horrific month, and it really smacked me with some home truths

March was the most swingy month by far and it never really got going, my peak was around $230 profit and my lowest was around $240 dow.

But what really has made me angry is my self! I really slacked at the end of the month with my reviewing and studying, i cant press enough how important that is, leaks creep back in without you knowing it and the sooner you plug them the sooner you stop bleeding money, which i was doing.

The last 5 days of March i had a stupid goal of achieving Goldstar on stars which required me to avg 60 games a night (which is hard to get into 4 hours) and that meant i stopped reviewing so i could use the time to play, which resulted in this shocking end to the graph…

I was blaming it all on everything but myself, although i did run horrible at times but don’t we all? i was moaning on skype to ferdian and Bob, whining like a little girl, they were saying all the right things to reassure me but i know they we’re thinking ‘get the f**k over it dude i’m not interested’  so i shipped Bob 60 HH’s and instantly he spotted a major leak, which i have now plugged

So the last couple days i’ve reduced tables and fully concentrated on whats been said to me, had a couple ghosting sessions and even played a small set of the $16’s whilst push0rdie sweated me which was fun.

So hopefully this could be a good thing that this month went this way as its given me a reality check which should toughen me up for the future

The backers have arranged a sweet competition for the stable in April with some tasty prizes, it’s a pure profit prop with at least 1000 games to be played and only the ‘last’ 1000 will be counted

So bring it on April, I’m gonna smash your back doors in!


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March 25, 2011 Leave a comment


Thought i would set out here what i hope to achieve from playing poker, i believe that in order to succeed long term in this game you need to be very disciplined and very focussed, and a way of helping me stay on track with both of those is to set short and long term goals/targets


Short term goals:

I won’t be setting monetary goals as i have no real control over that, what i can control is how hard i work and how much volume i put in, which will end up in the end with me making money.

  • Keep reviewing with my coaches and by myself
  • Play at least 1000 games per month (i work full time and have a family)
  • Get a 10-15% ROI at the $6.50 18 man turbos
  • Win the April competition that our coaches are running for there horses (some sick prizes)
  • Prove to my backers that I’m ready for the $16’s


Long term goals:

My main goal for poker is for it one day in the not so distant future to be my main source of income, people laugh when i tell them this (recreational players) but i have true faith in my ability to learn and i know i can barely be matched for my work ethic and that can only lead to success.

I don’t expect to be complete balla, all i require is to make enough money to provide for my family and have the freedom that poker provides so my Fiancé’ can carry on her nursing  job without us having to worry about child care (as obviously i can work around her shifts)

I’ll need to be a reg in the $16 and $27 18 mans in order for me to make this happen, which is my aim for the autumn time, and hopefully i’d of built up enough of a roll over the summer to cover my playing roll so as i can give fulltime playing a go over the winter where in my line of work things can be patchy (self employed in construction)

I do nothing but think poker and talk poker, and they always say you should do what you love, so that’s what i intend to do



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